Board Meeting

Keep everyone on track and discussions focused so that your next board meeting is effective and efficient.

Use Template

Agendas are essential for board meetings and set the stage for productive discussions that move your organization forward. The agenda provides a roadmap of what members can expect to discuss at the meeting so they can prepare accordingly, engage, and also understand how their contributions fit into the big picture.

A well-organized agenda has clear headings, pertinent and relevant topics, and action items that are realistic and reasonable. Board members will know what to expect at each point during the meeting.

Before you start planning your board meeting, make sure you understand the purpose of the meeting and how it relates to the organization’s goals and objectives. Come up with a list of items to be discussed during the meeting and send the agenda to all invitees of the meeting in advance. This will allow everyone to prepare themselves mentally and professionally well in advance of the meeting.

Use this board meeting agenda template to start planning your next meeting today.

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